Sunday, September 26, 2010

Living with Bed bugs. Now what?

  • Educate yourself - learn how to identify, treat and prevent bed bugs
  • Monitor - check for bites on your body and blood stains on linens and clothing
  • Get rid of clutter - bed bugs thrive in a cluttered environment 
  • Pest proof your home - eliminate bed bug hiding places by sealing all holes and gaps in baseboards, pipes and cover plates
    • Use caulking gun and tube of caulking for base boards and trim
    • Use expandable foam for areas around drains and water pipes
    • Use kick plates and weather stripping for doors 
  • Don't hesitate; take action - if you find any evidence of bed bugs, immediately contact your landlord or property management and request pest control treatment
  • Preparation is key - thorough and proper preparation prior to pest control treatment is key to successful bed bug control 
  • Make your bed an island - encase your mattresses, box springs and pillows in covers or mattress encasements
    • Remove bed skirts and make sure sheets do not touch the floor
    • Apply carpet tape to corner posts or place corner posts on glue boards that have been taped to the floor
    • Place each bed leg in an empty tin can filled with petroleum jelly 

  • Use a good flashlight
  • Remove all linens
  • Pull the bed four inches away from the walls
  • Check bedding, mattress and box spring (both sides), and seams, folds in fabric and frame for blood spots, live bed bugs, dead bed bugs, eggs, and fecal matter

Sourced from City of Toronto

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